XO Spring Break House Party


Spring Break House Party

This month we are having our first ever XO – Spring Break House Party!!

If you are between the ages of 18 – 30 come along to 40 Mckays Lane, Palmwoods on Wednesday the 20th of September at 7 pm for the biggest party of the year! As the warmer weather has come it’s time to get outside and enjoy it. We will be having burgers and a drink for $5, a bonfire, outdoor games and more.

Hit up our Facebook page – Suncoast Young Adults for more details, can’t wait to see you there!


Our capital investments fund is geared towards practical items and facilities needed to sustain and enhance our growth. To accommodate future generations, we are believing to create a new student and children’s facility and fund upgrades to our campus so we can be the church of tomorrow.

Student and children’s facility: World Changers has recently outgrown the mini auditorium. Whilst this is a great problem to have, it does cause significant challenges. We’re wanting to build a brand new facility on campus that’s safe for our children to grow in their relationship with Jesus during Sunday services and mid-week activities.

Connect space and foyer environment: People are our past, present, and future. To grow Suncoast, we’re investing into the facilities where we connect with people the most. Our goal is to create irresistible environments, starting with our foyer, to encourage connection, and a connect space where guest feel at home and welcome.

Facility Upgrades: Over the past 40 years, hundreds of dollars have been invested into our building. We want to continue to build and improve our facility for not only the short term but long term. We’re committed to creating an atmosphere that encourages people to connect and grow in their relationship with Jesus, upgrading our building and facilities will support this.

Campus planting fund: Over the coming years as the population of our city grows, we see many Suncoast campus being established in the region and we want to invest into those church plants now.


Our staff and volunteers carry a huge weight throughout the week to make Suncoast the church that never sleeps. To prepare for more growth, our operational investments fund will financially enable our faithful volunteers and staff to further grow upon what has been built. Areas highlighted for future growth include communication and media, family services, children’s ministry as well as youth and young adults.

Communications & Media: Telling stories & testimonies is one of the most powerful ways to share our faith with others. Fourteen months ago we invested into a camera and studio gear to best deliver these stories. Over the past twelve months since filming and sharing testimonies on a fortnightly basis, Suncoast Church reached over 15,800 people
online. There have been 6,900 minutes of testimonies viewed; that’s 115 hours with a 409% increase from the previous 12 months. We want to invest into this growing area with a dedicated staff member for design and film. This will help us increase those statistics and reach more people. The internet has allowed us to expand far beyond our wildest expectations. A communications staff
member will help increase the reach of our church and effectively communicate the gospel in a clear and concise way that assists in creating an irresistible message for people inside and outside the church.

Children’s Ministry: We see a multigenerational church where young people are invested into from the day they’re born. Our world changers ministry is committed to exactly this. We want to invest into our children by increasing the funded hours for world changers staff. This will help increase the world changers leadership team capacity, discipleship and overall quality of World Changer services and events.

Youth & Young Adult Ministries: Our young people are our future, and with countless growing initiatives to reach local youths and young adults. As one of the fastest-growing ministries in the life of our church, we need to put additional resources into staffing to support the growth.

We invite you to build for the next generation, to see a great future for this city and its people.

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TRIBAL WARS rego is open


TRIBAL WARS will be an amazing day with kids from across the community coming together on September 16th to participate in fun challenges and team games. Four teams will compete for the Tribal Wars 2017 trophy, earning points through games such as Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, four-way tug ‘o’ war and a race through the giant obstacle course! A secret treasure hunt will run through every challenge giving extra points for teams who find the clues.  Tribal Wars will finish with a hill water slide, Zorb-ball run, and messy paint twister!

Check-in will open at 9 am with a pancake breakfast before we launch at 9:30. Pickup at 3 pm.

See our desk to register – sponsorships available!

To register please complete the below Registration Form

Tribal Wars