Bring the family along and join us for Christmas this year at our annual Christmas event: Hope Is Born! Join us on the journey of following a young father who is longing to reunite with his young daughter. Along the way, he’ll face his fears, make friends with spritely retail assistants and run into Santa - and not just the once! Join in on the fun as our creative team present a show that is festive and heart-warming which features the very best of song, dance, drama and media. Before the show there’ll be heaps of fun for the family at our outdoor Christmas markets with delicious food stalls and festivities for the kids. Embrace the Christmas spirit as we realise that no matter the circumstance, in the midst of any situation, hope can still be born.

14th Dec | 5:30pm Markets | 7pm Show
15th Dec | 12:30pm Markets | 2pm Show
16th Dec | 5:30pm Markets | 7pm Show


This year, again as Suncoast Community, we are going beyond ourselves to give to others who may be struggling. Last year we saw over 300 people helped through our Hope Hampers and this year we’d love to help even more families in need this Christmas.

To do this, we are putting together Hope Hampers, packed to the brim with special items to make for the perfect Christmas Day. We’d love you to join us by purchasing a few items, or more, from the Hope Hampers grocery list to help in making Christmas special for those in need in our community.

This year we are introducing ‘The Hope Hamper Shop’ which will be onside at Suncoast Church every Sunday, packed full of groceries that you can purchase for the hampers with products proudly brought to us by our very own Suncoast Care store.

Closing date for the Hope Hamper supplies will be Sunday 9th December.

For further details, feel free to contact our friendly team on (07) 5442 2200 or email [email protected]

christmas services.jpg

Join us at Suncoast Church at our extra special Christmas services:

  • Christmas ‘Eve Eve,’ Sunday 23rd December 10am & 6pm

  • Christmas Day, Tuesday 25th December 9am

Our Christmas ‘Eve Eve’ Services will have our regular Kids program running at both 10am & 6pm.

The Christmas Day service starts at 9am and runs for one hour. Kids join this service and are welcome to bring a present along to ‘show and tell’ on the stage during the service.

We would love to see you there.