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Volunteer for the Daily Bread

Thanks for your interest in volunteering for the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen. 

If you could please complete the form below and the Daily Bread team will be in touch.


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You can be rostered on as little or as much as you like, however it is helpful for us to know which session suits you best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do at the Daily Bread?

  • At soup kitchen, we serve a three course meal to the attendee’s at their table (so not really a soup kitchen at all!). The Daily Bread is not just about feeding people, it’s about connecting and we encourage volunteers to interact with attendee’s. If you feel like sitting and sharing a meal with the attendee’s then that is fine, The Daily Bread is as much about relationships as it is about serving food (but always make sure there are enough people to serve the food from the kitchen else there may be some hungry tummies who have to wait longer!).


What time do I have to be there?

  • We encourage volunteers to be at the hall by 4.15pm until 6.15pm. This gives us enough time for set up and pack down.


Do I need a blue card?

  • You do need a blue card to volunteer at the Daily Bread. We have lots of children who are regular patrons at the Daily Bread. Our policy at Suncoast is that any volunteer who may come into contact with children is required to hold a blue card. Please see your team leader for a Blue Card application before you commence volunteering or email: [email protected]


Can I bring my kids?

  • If your child is 15 years and older, and accompanied by a parent or guardian, they are able to volunteer for the Daily Bread as well.