By Dave Adamson

We live in a world were the idea of “hustle” is praise and rewarded. When we hustle we get opportunities. When we hustle, we get paid. In many ways, hustle is holy. And even people who follow Jesus live according to this idea—so we’re constantly running around, chasing our goals and pursuing our dreams. 

Have you ever been at the beach and watched kids play in the shallow waves as they try to avoid getting wet? They run back and forward, always moving as they try to stay dry. This is how many of us live as we pursue our careers and interests and activities—always on the move. But theologian Abraham Heschel said; “In the tempestuous ocean of time and toil there are islands of stillness where man may enter a harbor and reclaim his dignity.” Heschel was speaking about a day of rest—an island of peace that can keep us from getting sucked into the tide of work, pressure and stress the world throws at us. 


Even when we have holiday time, rest can be elusive because while we may have time off work, many of us have forgotten how to hit pause on our lives. But, as author Bob Goff simply says; “Darkness wants us to live our lives worn out. Rest is holy. Get some.” Are you able to get rest this week? 

Perhaps one of your goals this year should not be to do more … but for one day a week, to do nothing. Instead of planning and scheduling how you will work, what if you planned how you will stop, breath and rest. 

Read: “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." — Matthew 11:28

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