2018; A Year of Entering the Promises.

by Dan Lowe

The Christian life is often a two step process. We are delivered out of something for the entering into something much greater.

For example, true repentance teaches us that we need to change the way we think. That means we must stop thinking one thing and start thinking another. Our old way of thinking is typically marked by ineffectiveness, it is not fruitful. Repent is two words, Re which means to go back a “re do” something and Pent which is where we get the word Penthouse from or top floor view. Gods instruction to us is to take heavens perspective on our circumstance and believe what Heaven declares about or life. This is what we need to fill our mind with. Unfortunately, too often we can stop thinking what the Lord has revealed to us as wrong but fail the second step which is start thinking what He says is right. Two steps, both equally important, one without the other is only half the story.

Hebrews 6:1-2 describes that one of the first foundational principals of Christ to be applied to our life is repentance from dead works, first step and Faith towards God, second step. Again, two parts to the process. Tragically, many in the church seem to be partially successful with the first part but seem ill equipped to be successful in the second which is where the real power is. I don’t mean to say that repenting from dead works is not powerful, it is, but it is only half the process. The first half sets us up or qualifies us for the second. It is the second that pleases God and releases great effectiveness and blessing on our lives.

Our born-again life can also be seen in two parts. One, delivered out of bondage and two, commanded to enter the promise (just look at Israel’s experience in Exodus and Deuteronomy). If we are delivered (get saved) but don’t enter the promise (grow into maturity in Him) we can become disappointed and discouraged because we don’t experience what living in the fullness of this Christian life represents…. the promise.

I was thinking about what 2018 needed to look like as family. As a result, I have purposed in myself to be accountable to those close to me to make sure I take both steps and not just one or the other. This means I need to start to think about my challenges and difficulties the way God thinks about them, that is dealt with. If the word says it, I believe it. I can do what the word says because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). 

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