Pilot with purpose 

by Garth Reid

I Love the story of Sully, the pilot who miraculously landed his A380 in the Hudson River after running into a flock of geese.  As I consider his story I wander how he managed to gather himself, remain composed and deliver all his passengers safely on the ground.  In what seemed like desperate circumstances Sully acted on instinct, and swiftly made decisions to take action many would never have dreamt of.  His actions were heroic and it was spoken of as a miracle….. but was it?

It is amazing how many of us become victims of our own negative ‘self talk’.  We don’t learn, we don’t grow because we tell ourselves its all too hard.  I know that for many years my own self talk was limiting me and robbing me of opportunities and possibilities of what might be.  This can often lead to feeling disappointed and dissatisfied with who we are and who we are becoming.  God wants to free us from this stuff.   He wants us to embrace who he has created us to be and find contentment there. 

We often look at others and compare and wonder why it is that they seem to have it all together, why luck and good fortune seem to fall their way.   In an interview Golf player Gary Player responded to a critic who said he was lucky, “Yes he said – and I’ve noticed that the harder I practice, the more luck I have.”   I think this can apply to us in our journey of faith.  As we continue to lean into what God has for us he teaches us, trains us and equips us for His good work.  We just need the courage and boldness to say yes.  

As you begin 2018 learn to lean on the fact that God has given you great strengths for you to use for his glory.  Just like a golf swing they need to be developed and practiced until they become second nature.  Until then mistakes will be made, but growth will occur.  Sully had taken off in an airplane on thousands of occasions, he had practiced in simulators many times in preparation for what might occur.  Sully would say it was not a miracle, he just did what came as second nature.  Imagine if we could live the Christian Life in the same way.  By continually learning to trust in Him and by owning the fact that God has gifted us we allow Him to work his purposes out in us and for his Kingdom.  

Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

Suncoast Creative