Green, yellow and Red

by Chloe Gullo

There are two types of people in this world. There are those, when driving, that see a traffic light change from green to yellow, indicating a red is about to come and slow their cars. Then there are those that see a light change from green to yellow and instead start to speed up. 

I don’t know about you but it always seems like when I am in a hurry and have somewhere to be the lights will more often than not be in a state of turning that dreaded yellow colour! It is in those moments that I feel most tempted to speed up in an attempt to miss the red light.

Why is it when we are busy that we are constantly seeing yellow lights turning to red, but when we are relaxed and have all the time in the world, every light is always green? 

As humans we seem to speed up and try to go faster when lights turn ‘yellow’ in our own lives in an attempt to bypass the red all together. I know in my own life when I am frantically busy and I start to feel those ‘yellow’ signs, that instead of doing the obvious and slow down I instead speed up so much faster than ever!

In Exodus 18 Moses had a period where he was living life speeding through the yellow light, because he was really busy. Moses was doing a good thing. People were coming to Moses with questions about God, and there was so much need that Moses didn’t feel like he could stop. Moses had a father in-law who saw the light was rapidly changing from yellow to red, and recognised what he was doing to himself and told him to stop and reorganise.

The yellow lights in our lives can be warning us to slow and change
things up. Relook and re-strategise so we don’t burn out. Or so we don’t have to screech on the brakes just seconds before the red hits.

When the lights go yellow in your life do you look at it as an opportunity to change or do things differently? What can you do differently in 2018 when you’re faced with yellow lights?

God give me the foresight to see the areas in my life where I’m heading towards a red
light. The wisdom to know how I need to reorganise or re-strategise
my life, and the courage to be able to do it.

Chloe Gullo

Suncoast Creative