By David Adamson

The desert of Judea, where Jesus started his ministry, is harsh and barren and desolate for as far as you can see. The ground is rocky and hard. The grueling terrain will test even the most experienced hikers. Temperatures can get below freezing at night, but then soar above 50 in the day! In fact, there are not many hotter places on earth.

But this is the wilderness Jesus was “driven” into by the Holy Spirit after he was baptized in the nearby Jordan River. The Spirit drove him to the Judean wilderness because the desert is where God lives. The desert is is where manna came from heaven. It’s where water came from a rock. It’s where people throughout the scriptures went to find God and rely on Him. The desert is the place that reveals our dependency, because it’s when we're in the middle of a harsh, uncomfortable place that we learn to turn to God. 

We all hate when our life is hard and dry like a desert … but it’s in those times that we truly learn to rely on God. Instead of simply trying to get out of the desert, we need to get us much out of the desert as possible by learning to depend on God.

Many people reading these words today are in a desert—not literally but metaphorically. If that’s you, we want to remind you that when you’re going through a harsh, painful time, you're in God’s house and He wants you to depend on Him. 

Read: I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” — Isaiah 43:19

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