A Birds' Eye View

by Janette Bauer

The Pelican is an amazing bird.  It can rise to altitudes of 3000 metres and also skim gracefully across the water surface.  Frequently, we see them perched on light poles on the side of our bridges.  Not only are they perched there, they are  seen sleeping or pruning their feathers.  These odd behaviours are puzzling.   Maybe, as they relax in this precarious position they gain, a "birds’ eye view" of a pending delicious fish   meal!  Or are they just wired for choice and sit anywhere they choose.  

Sometimes we may wonder about our thoughts and behaviours.   How well do we really understand ourselves? Of course, there is a fine balance between being self  aware and being self absorbed.   Have you ever heard of the expression "get down off your high horse?"  It has been spoken when there is an attitude of stubborn arrogance or contempt.  Anyway, the beautiful thing is that God knows us and  every   one of our individual traits.  He even sees our thoughts from afar.    He understands areas of brokenness.  He desires to bring healing and restoration in all areas of our soul. 

His invitation is to trust Him sufficiently to spend time in His presence. We could ask ourselves some reflective questions. Do I humble myself and seek his wisdom daily? Do I stop to listen or even look at His Word?  Do I express praise or gratitude for anything? Have I ever spent any time asking God to shine his torch into those hidden chambers of my soul? Will I allow an opportunity to gain new insights and revelation? 

We desperately need him to kindly show us our true self.    How else can we be free to radiate his beauty and characteristics?   Today, our Helper, the Holy Spirit can be invited to come and fill us afresh. We can be freed from negative mindsets, shame, worthlessness, false beliefs, and hopelessness.  As we humble ourselves and repent God can begin to reshape our lives. His anointing, His grace and new revelation   from His Word enables us to have a reset.   Even in life's grief or turmoil we can be comforted and anchored in eternal hope.  Sometimes we may choose to seek other help with access to a  restoration and healing ministry. This has also proven helpful for many people.  

In Hebrews 11.6, "we are encouraged that as we put our trust in God it pleases him and God rewards those who diligently seek him."

It is a wonderful choice to take time to pray and worship.   Each day we need to forgive someone for something and as we do so he also forgives us.  How good is that for our soul!    In this sacred time, God always listens to us and fills us with his love for others.  James 4 verse 8 promises," if you draw near to me I will draw near to you."

God's grace and love for each of us is eternal.  He knows the length of our days and the number of hairs on our head.    His faithfulness and mercies are new every morning.   

Remember, God is for you. He gave His all for you. He made a way for you to go freely into His holy place to be accepted, loved and valued.   He goes with you to places and people that are often only known to you.  Where is the one that needs sincere words of encouragement?   Maybe they are out on a limb or up a pole without a ladder or wings to fly!   Unlike the fascinating pelican sitting on a light pole, we actually carry the light of God's presence everywhere you go.    

"The Lord make His face shine upon you, be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace" .. Numbers 6:25-26 NKJV

Prayer points. Pray for a new insight and revelation that will help us radiate God's love to others. Pray for a renewed mind to see things from God's perspective.   

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