By Carol Budge

Esther 4:14 ….."Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"

Just recently my granddaughter burst in the door to tell me about her day at school. This wasn’t an unusual occurrence, but the excitement she was displaying about school was a little over the top. She said that in chapel, a man had come to display some tricks and during his act he explained the love of God and how much it means to the Father when we believe in Jesus. He described what it might look like when we each stand at the entrance of heaven, and Jesus is there to greet each one.

As she described the love, the joy and the tears on the face of Jesus as he recognised each one….my granddaughter stopped, and said, ‘oh my gosh grandma, I believed that I had done this but I just had to make sure. So when the man said is their anyone who would like to ask Jesus to be their Lord, I just threw up my hand and then said out loud my prayer’. 

At the age of 10, she recognised this was a “now time.”

Read: Esther 4,5,6 & 7
For such a time as this!

When facing a new year, it’s such a good opportunity to set time aside to RESET. In the story of Esther we can see strategies that we can apply to our own lives: Esther was faced with a huge decision….maybe you are facing something that is way bigger than you. Is it family, your finance, business, maybe your health, or even son/daughter coming to Christ? 

As we embrace this new year, let’s take the strategy of Esther on board: Facing the prospect of death, Esther chose fight rather than flight. She also included those in her world to fight with her. 

Esther’s Strategy
She went into the battle with fasting and prayer and came out with the word of the Lord. 
The setting she used was ‘the banqueting table” dressed with favour. 
What to include on the banqueting table of your life: Philippians 4:8, Galatians 5:22-23 & Psalm 100:4.

As this Devotional continues through the month of January, I’m sure there will be many gems to dress your table!

Recognise the Mordecai’s, God has placed on your path
Enlarge the place of your tent [Isaiah 54:2-3]
Stand in the Lord’s promise
Encourage others to live their dream
Time to rise and advance

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