By Jesse Elstak

I like the idea of detox.  The dictionary tells me that it is a period of time where you put aside unhealthy food, with the purpose of improving your health.

I was considering this; it would mean that once I feel detoxed and healthy, I could go back to my old ways. However I end up finding myself in a situation where next year or even next month I would have to detox again.  

So at the beginning of the year we’re starting with a soul detox, because it is so easy for our souls to become “soul weary”.  We “abstain” from things which are part of the cause of which make us feel soul-tired.  The trap we may fall into is that when our soul starts to feel refreshed, we are tempted to return to the same habits that caused us to fell soul tired in the first place, and we find ourselves at the end of another year feeling drained, lethargic and lacking zeal. 

This year, I am working at making more margin in my life; that is a buffer from everyday routines to help refresh my soul.  I want rest, the rest that Jesus so freely offers to all of us, 365 days a year, if we would just come to Him. 

I would like to share 2 things that help me to find rest in a world of turmoil, unrest and uncertainty.

1. Maintain personal time with God, not as a religious duty, but because His intimate presence refreshes my soul.  It is more than just reading a piece of scripture and praying a quick prayer in the rush of the day.  It is a time, set aside, to focused on Him; time in his presence.

2. Sounded by community.  I need to be part of a group that I can invest into to serve, but also who is willing to invest into my life so that we can together, become all that God has called us to be. 

As we rush into the coming months take the time to evaluate where your soul is at and ask yourself…

What is draining your soul? And what positive habits can you replace these with to refresh your soul? 

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