by Stuart Charlton

Genesis 2:3  “God blessed the seventh day and separated it as holy; because on that day God rested from all His work which He had created, so that it itself could produce.”

Adam was created on the 6th day and entered life into the completed creation.  Adam’s 1st day of life was the 7th day – in which he rested with God.

To God rest is so important that it was the first thing He separated as Holy from the rest of creation.

It is His day and is used by Him to bless mankind.  So, as we honour the Sabbath (Exodus 20:8 “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy…..”), we enter into God’s blessing.  If we don’t, we miss out on God’s blessings.  God does not punish us if we don’t honour this commandment – it is the consequence of our not resting that hurts us.

We start our Sabbath on Friday evening (because Friday/Saturday works for us) and have a special meal – alone or with others.  Before the meal we do three things: light a candle; celebrate communion; bless each other and those with us.  Part of our prayer declaration is “We bless You, Father God.  You take great pleasure in us and have gifted us with this Holy Sabbath Rest as an everlasting inheritance to ensure Your life-flow in and through us for our rest and wellbeing”.    We also take prayer requests to God.  This flows into a special meal where we feast and fellowship together. 

In the morning we try to stay away from doing something that (for us) would be work.  E.g. instead of doing office or house work I play in the garden or go fishing!  An important aspect is the resting WITH God – as Adam and Eve did.  What does God have for you today?  Ask Him!

Genesis 12:3 “... and in Abraham all the families of the earth will be blessed”.  That is still God’s intent today.  Grab hold of this promise and bring your family together once a week, have a meal together and impart blessings over each member present.   For us this saved our family from self-destruction! 


Which day would be your most suitable family rest day?

 What would a day of rest look like to you? 


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