Creating time with our Creator

by Brian Bakes 

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Yet another year has just flown by, and 2018 started! So at the end of 2017 the question I have asked myself is, is my soul still in a good place or is it as dry as my lawn looked in July? Is your soul as good as it could be at the moment?

During 2017 my soul did get weary and dry at times because of the normal day to day things life threw at me , but what I did find was that it was easier to rest my soul and restore it than in previous years.

So here’s the things that helped me:

1. Just admitting that I need to take time out to refresh my soul. That I’m not a machine that can just keep on going, I need to stop.

2. Taking time to read the bible and spend time with my creator. Mostly it works for me in the morning but I realise that mornings can’t suit everyone, especially dads who get up early looking after the kids so mum can have a bit more rest, or mum who has to do it all on her own, or whatever your circumstance might be. But the fact is if we don’t look after our soul no one else will. So somewhere during your day find just a few minutes to refresh that soul part of you.

3. Learning to appreciate Gods incredible creation, seeing His creativity in creation has helped me a lot. Archie, our grandson loves being out side and he is starting to hear all the different birds, touching the bark on trees, smelling the leaves on the Lemon Tee Tree. I tell him about Gods incredible creativity when God spoke the world into existence. It reminds me too.

4. Getting away to 'de-frag' my mind. I love camping, by camping I don’t mean glamping! No phone reception, getting back to the simple life. No one around.

The bible says in Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God” easy to be still when camping. The only way our soul can find true rest is by connecting with the one who created us. Jesus said in Matthew 11:28 “come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Facebook will only clutter your soul, Netflix won’t help either, or any other man made source of entertainment, only God can refresh and sustain your soul.

My question for you...

What helps you bring rest to your soul?

Have you been making the time in doing what you have said refreshes your soul?

My prayer for us all is that this year with whatever 2018 throws at us we will stay “yoked” with Jesus as Matthew 11:28-30 encourages us to do

If we do that our soul will remain in a good place.

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